How Independent Travel Consultants Feel About Their Jobs

How Independent Travel Consultants Feel About Their Jobs

Have you ever dreamt of a job where you can work from anywhere, sipping a mojito on the beaches of Bali or nestled in a café in the heart of Paris? How about the flexibility of running your own business with the backing of a reputable host agency like Flight Centre Travel Group?

These are just a few perks of becoming an independent travel consultant (ITC).

We recently conducted a survey to see how ITCs really felt about their jobs. Do they regret taking the independent route? Has their perceived value shifted over the past three years? How are they adapting to the ever-evolving industry and their clients’ changing demands?

Here’s what they had to say.

How Independent Travel Consultants Feel About Their Jobs
The Rise in ITCs’ Value

The Rise in ITCs’ Value

You might think the travel industry took a massive hit over the past few years. And you’d be right! But here’s the plot twist: Travellers, now more than ever, see the enormous value in having an expert in their corner. Our survey showed that 71% of ITCs felt more appreciated now than ever before. Why? Even in the digital age, people are rediscovering the magic of human touch. Plus, it pays to know you’re supported throughout your journey, no matter what uncertainties may emerge along the way.

The Road Less Travelled – Being Your Own Boss

There’s more to the ITC life than feeling valued. The financial rewards are just as enticing. Did you know 90% of ITCs were drawn to the role mainly because of its earning potential? With earnings based on commission, the sky’s the limit. ITCs design their business, set their hours, and as mentioned, still get to rely on supportive host agencies to flourish. It’s a win-win!

Advice for Aspiring ITCs

Considering becoming an ITC? Here are a few golden nuggets to help make the transition a smooth, stress-free one:


1. Collaborate

Two heads are always better than one. Investigate the prospect of partnering with other ITCs to expand your offerings and learn more.

2. Choose wisely

Your host agency can make or break your venture. Aim for one that offers the latest tech, resources and tools, and all the support you need. You can’t go wrong with Flight Centre Travel Group.

3. Never stop learning

As anyone in the travel and tourism sector knows, this is an industry that can change at lightning speed. Keep up by constantly updating your skills and knowledge.

4. Stay visible

It’s a digital world. Make your mark as an ITC with digital marketing – most travellers start their journeys online, using social media for destination inspiration.


The Digital Age Meets Travel Consultancy

Speaking of digital, ITCs can now reach wider audiences, showcase their expertise, and share those irresistible travel hacks. Plus, travellers love the convenience of quick online chats and digital booking processes.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Even as an ITC, you’re never truly alone. As highlighted above, there’s a rising trend among ITCs to team up with one another, share knowledge, and offer more comprehensive services. From knowing the best vegan spots in Tokyo to booking the most secluded honeymoon retreats in Mauritius, collaboration is key.

With the right digital tools, a collaborative spirit, and a thirst for continuous learning, ITCs are charting their path to success – and loving every minute of it. In fact, our survey demonstrated that 91% of respondents are satisfied with their decision to become ITCs, with 93% planning to continue in their role and 82% happy to recommend the career path to others.

ITCs’ unwavering passion, combined with the trust they’ve built amongst travellers, promises an exciting journey ahead.

The question is, is the ITC life for you? Contact us for guidance or more information.