Home Agent Portal

Home is an exciting new digital ecosystem designed to help passionate, motivated travel industry professionals create and run their own businesses.

This single sign-on platform delivers efficiency, simplicity, and transparency. Home is where our independents agents will find all the necessary tools, travel products, systems and services that they need, enabling them to manage all client travel requirements, vital communications and tailored marketing, so that they can enjoy watching your own business grow.

With HOME, you can access:

  • All essential day-to-day systems and supplier portals
  • The widest range of wholesale products in South Africa, available through HELiO
  • Training materials from FCTG and suppliers
  • Travel alerts by destination
  • Marketing information and resources
  • Product, ticketing, and technology support


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HOME is a market leading platform for agents who put the customer first

  • Access everything you need in one place
  • Seamlessley connect to all systems and support
  • Save time with this single sign on (SSO) service

Creating customer connections through a community of travel entrepreneurs

Access to a team of
subject matter experts
Exceptional resources to take
business to the next level
Connect with and learn
from each other

Offering the widest range of products

  • All products in one place
  • Over 500 airlines – retail and wholesale fares
  • Over 3 million hotels and vacation homes
  • Thousands of activities, cruise and tour options and car rental services

Simple transitions and tracking

  • Easy onboarding and offboarding
  • Clear visibility of your sales pipeline