About Us

With decades of global experience, leading travel technology, specialised travel expertise and purchasing power, FCTG has been at the forefront of offering the most competitive airfares and preferential hotel, car hire, cruising, travel insurance and touring rates while delivering incredible customer satisfaction.

As the travel industry worldwide starts coming out of the most challenging times, there has been no better time to ensure that your travel business is backed by a financially stable global company. With this in mind, the Flight Centre Travel Group offers Flight Centre Independent, an independent model for not only Independent Travel Consultants (ITC’s) but also a solution for smaller travel companies to become a part of.   


Our Story


FCTG created an Independent Model for experienced consultants in the business to work from home. We started the model with 6 consultants. But, after only one short year we grew to 21 consultants 


Our Independents split away from FCTG and become a brand known as Flight Centre Associates. We employed an administrative consultant and the team continued growing month on month. Our sales exceeding R100 million TTV


Over the following few years, the independent company continued to grow with money being put back into the business to aid to its future longevity. The brand benefited by moving over to Amadeus allowing for streamlined business operations. Profits grew and new and exciting developments took place. 


The brand launched Exclusive Trip Incentives to destinations like; Mauritius and Turkey and was able to drop the signup fee having 54 consultants in total onboard.  


FCA went Global, we saw 2 consultants attend FCTG’s Global Gathering in Belin and most were fortunate to enjoy an incentive trip to Seychelles. As 2017 grew to a close we were sitting on 76 consultants in total and we paid out over R1 million in product bonuses.  


It was clear that we meant business with 12 consultants attending the Global Gathering in Las Vegas where we won the Top Independent Brand award – globally! More travel was up for grabs, this time to Sri Lanka and Zanzibar and we continued to grow, both in team members and profit.


Covid-19 hit and we were affected but we continued to stay ahead of the game with provisions on monthly fees and a 100% ticketing model. We even grew by another 53 consultants.

We got access to the best booking system tailor-made for FCTG (Helio) and we covered 25% of the consultant’s write-offs. As the 2nd and 3rd wave of Covid hit, we distributed laptops so that each person would be able to work as flexibly as possible and stopped charging monthly fees altogether.

We have created a new business from those humble begins as Flight Centre Independent with over 175 teams and businesses as well as a fully-fledged support team with access to the best travel days in the country.


We were hit by 2nd and 3rd Covid waves which left a lot of uncertainty around travel.
In this time, we grew to 24 teams and Adele Nysschens joined us as inland leader. We had dedicated Helio consultants who would exclusively look after our consultants' booking needs.
The brand worked on developing a website dedicated to the Flight Centre Independent and invested in a brand refresh.
Monthly fees were done away with.


Our HOME agent portal official launches. An exciting new digital ecosystem that helps industry professional create and run their own businesses.
The world continues to open up...

In October iReach is launched for Flight Centre Independent SA! Embarking on a new era of innovation with our cutting-edge marketing communication system, iReach is designed to elevate social media strategies and revolutionise the way we connect and engage.

November was our very first Independent ICONS event, celebrating the top-selling travel agents and agencies from the USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Uniworld's magnificent S.S. Beatrice, which was exclusively reserved for our ICONS 2023 group, was filled with awe-inspiring moments, culinary delights, unique experiences, and memories to last a lifetime!

71 agents from 55 agencies and 11 representatives from nine wonderful supply partners joined us for four nights of connection, exploration, and ultimately, a celebration of travel.

What are you waiting for? The world is yours! 

How do we support you?


As a Flight Centre Independent consultant, you have the backing of a globally reputable company. This means our consultants have access to global technology as well as great fare systems and ticketing solutions.  You would be able to tap into exclusively negotiated airfares and have 24/7 ticketing support so that you are always a step ahead. Our consultants also make use of a land content booking tool that allows you access to exclusive hotel & car rates.

All these tools would be made available on one dedicated portal which would provide you with easy access to all that you need.  A dedicated tax consultant is available to our branded consultant and an optional option for our unbranded consultants. Being affiliated with a global company means that you have the necessary peace of mind of having all the required support to make sure that you have the best working environment.