Why Flight Centre Independent

Why Flight Centre Independent

We understand that now more than ever, that ITC’s as well as smaller travel businesses are changing the travel landscape. Whether you want to create a sustainable income from your passion for travel or want your business to benefit from the credibility, stability, recognition and the resources that Flight Centre Independent offers we have the perfect solution for you.

Is FCI For me?

If you want the backing of the travel company that you know and trust, with all the support you need at your fingertips, with access to the best travel rates. If you want to grow your travel business and become more financially secure,  then the answer is simple, yes! 100% Flight Centre Independent  is for you.

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Flight Centre Independent

Flight Centre Branded is an independent model within the Flight Centre brand that enables experienced travel experts to operate their own travel business with the backing of an international travel company. You sell premium travel with FCTG’s negotiated content, managing your customers, using Flight Centre’s operating and banking systems. The commission split is 75/25, meaning 75% to you and 25% to Flight Centre, what’s more, there are no joining or monthly fees. Think of it as a franchise that complies with our supply strategies.

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Full support team behind you

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Reputable brand behind you

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Access to the widest range of dynamic content

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Contract to protect you with no monthly fees

  • Backing of a global, financially stable company
  • Trading as Flight Centre Independent
  • All marketing collateral provided
  • Bi-weekly EDM’s
  • Branded social media posts
  • Team back up for when you go on leave
  • Back office system and admin support
  • Access to FCTG land content with higher commission structure
  • Dedicated tax consultant
  • Access to FSG loaded and global fares
  • Risk and audit control teams
  • Ticketing team available with applicable ticketcentre fee’s
  • Yearly conference and awards
  • Access to exclusive FCIB incentive trips
  • Full training and onboarding


Flight Centre Unbranded is a pure consolidator model within the Flight Centre Travel Group that enables existing travel companies to buy our negotiated land and air deals. The opportunity is that you own and manage your own customer base, operating systems and banking. There is no split in commission but rather a monthly fee. Flight Centre’s benefit from this model is the joint created volume required to reach override agreements. FCTG is also open to acquisitions within this model.

Tailored solution for you 24/7 ticketing with access to our global fares

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Access to Flight Centre’s widest range of dynamic content and globally negotiated airfares

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Retain 100% of all commissions

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Benefit from override deals, BPS commission payout and GDS sector rebates

The Full Suite

  • Retain 100% of your commission
  • Monthly cost of R1800 (exVAT)
  • Ticketing solution
  • Run your own business with your own branding
  • Access to overrides
  • Access to exclusive air and land content
  • Backing of a global reputable company
  • Access to global fare system
  • Access to our 24/7 ticketing team
  • Access to global technology
  • Optional dedicated tax consultant
  • Earn GDS sector rebates
  • Earn BSP commission
  • Access to global technology, including our HOME portal’
  • Access to an exclusive annual incentive trip
  • Full training and onboarding

Land Only Independent

  • Retain 100% of your commission
  • Monthly cost of R500 (ex VAT)
  • Access to FCTG’s preferred third party land contracts
  • Access to FCTG’s exclusive nett land content via Helio
  • Backing of a global reputable company
  • Access to global technology, including our HOME portal
  • Optional dedicated tax consultant
  • Full training & onboarding

Air Only Independent

  • Retain 100% of your commission
  • No monthly fee
  • Access to FCTG’s IATA
  • Reduced ticketing fees
  • No overrides, no BSP commission & no GDS sector rebates
  • Access to FCTG’s 24/7 ticketing team
  • Access to global technology, including our HOME portal
  • Full training & onboarding
  • Optional dedicated tax consultant
  • Access to exclusive air content

FCIU Add Ons/Optional:

  • Mid-Back-office options: we recommend QuickTrav, QuickBooks, Sage and Xero
  • Tax Consultant
  • iReach (marketing tool)
  • TRIPS access
  • eGlobal Fares access
  • Dedicated one-on-one system training