How FCI Works

How do we support you?


As a Flight Centre Independent consultant, you have the backing of a globally reputable company. This means our consultants have access to global technology as well as great fare systems and ticketing solutions.  You would be able to tap into exclusively negotiated airfares and have 24/7 ticketing support so that you are always a step ahead. Your choice of GDS gives you the flexibility to work on a system that best suits you. Our consultants also make use of a land content booking tool that allows you access to exclusive hotel & car rates.

All these tools would be made available on one dedicated portal which would provide you with easy access to all that you need.  A dedicated tax consultant is available to our branded consultant and an optional option for our unbranded consultants. Being affiliated with a global company means that you have the necessary peace of mind of having all the required support to make sure that you have the best working environment.

Experience Required

2 years travel consultant experience
Repeat and existing
client base
Leisure or Corporate