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HOME is where the heart is

We have seen several tech advancements and deployments over the past 12 months and at the centre of this Home, our agent portal and ecosystem of powerful tools, systems, and resources. Home ensures that our ITCs are empowered to deliver exceptional service and a high level of personalisation for our customers. Home offers a range of functions providing consultants with a holistic overview of the business with real-time data, enhanced reporting, and access to preferred suppliers. This approach ensures great returns as part of our preferred partner strategy, allowing ITCs to maximise their earning potential.

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Within Home is Helio, a booking system featuring various plugins. We are currently deploying Helio to our Unbranded Independent Consultants. Our Branded Independent Consultants have had access to Helio from inception and there have been significant productivity gains, as many workflows and processes have been automated and are available on one system. Prior to Helio, booking a package holiday and invoicing a customer was spread across multiple platforms, which was a time-consuming process.

We will also be deploying an innovative marketing tool later this year, which will empower ITCs to take full ownership of the brand’s social media and email marketing campaigns. This tool, iReach, will aim to further automate our processes and systems, while delivering an elevated level of personalisation for our customers.

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Our Support teams responsible for tech deployment are passionate about equipping our ITCs with the best tools available, ensuring that they focus on their business and customers. This is evident in Home, which has been a momentous change for our business.