Beyond The Call Of Duty: Michelle Mbuyi

Being part of someone’s story in the making is why I do what I do. There’s something incredibly valuable in creating amazing travel experiences and witnessing the fruit of your labour unfold. I guess that is why job satisfaction is high on any travel consultants list because what we do, is very often, extremely rewarding.

Let me give you just one example of what I mean.

Sitting in the store one day, a client walked in that I offered to assist. Little did I know that this would become a repeat client of mine who would make me part of his life. You see, you never know where the travel journey will take you, as a client as well as their travel expert.

My client was looking for a special getaway to spoil his partner. I quickly got to work suggesting a few destinations that I know would be magical for them both. He finally settled on a break to Sun City and I made every effort possible to ensure that the magic was felt. Not too long after that, he contacted me again to say he was planning a surprise engagement for his lovely girlfriend and he desperately needed my help again to assist with everything to make sure that this moment went off without a hitch.

I was only too happy to assist and wanted to go above and beyond for this couple as I had gotten to know them really well and I love working with them and planning all of their travel needs.

I put together a portfolio of recommendations and after some serious debating…Cape Town won at the end of the day. I personally love the President Hotel in Bantry Bay. The location is sublime and the staff at the hotel are exceptionally helpful and professional. The President Hotel is often my go-to and over time I have built a wonderful relationship with the reservations team. I knew, wholeheartedly that they would step up to the challenge for my client’s special day.

Knowing the stress of popping the question, I helped my client by coming up with some additional ideas that would make this moment even more enchanting.

First, I suggested lunch with 10 of their nearest and dearest to join in the fun and excitement as he proposed. The table would be set up privately and have balloons all over with four stating “will, you, marry and me?” the entire area would be swimming in rose petals as she made her way to their casual lunch. He would then get down on one knee in front of everyone and the balloons would reveal his message to her. What would a moment like this be, if it was not captured forever? I arranged a photographer on recommendation from the hotel to ensure that every memory was picture perfect!

I arranged a gift and cake to be sent to the happy couple’s room to greet them when they got back together with monogrammed bathrobes. I must make it known that without the incredible team at President Hotel, none of this would have happened as seamlessly as it did. From the lunch to sourcing a photographer, to arranging the balloons, rose petals and gifts, it was all thanks to them.

My client did not have to worry about a thing. Until…

I received a panicked phone call saying that my client cannot choose the right ring! He was so overwhelmed by the choices out there and completely stumped as to which one to get. I casually told him that I know someone who could help. I sent him pictures of what I knew she would like and told him to get to the jeweller stat! He video called me on arrival and we spoke the whole way together about what we thought she would love. And guess what? She loved it!

Everything went according to plan and my clients could not thank me enough for going beyond the call of duty.

It was a booking I will never forget and I am glad they trusted me with the details.

I am looking forward to their wedding and can’t wait to help them pick the perfect honeymoon destination.