Beyond The Call Of Duty

Beyond The Call Of Duty: Kerri-lin and Wynand

A Flight Centre Independent Travel Story As Told By Two Travel Experts;
Kerri-lin and Wynand.

Tanya-lee’s husband had emigrated to the UK before her and her daughter, as they patiently waited for their visa to be issued in June 2021. Tanya-lee was faced with all the usual logistics that go with uprooting and moving to a foreign country, but added to this mom’s very full plate was that they had to travel during a pandemic with a child who is a type 1 diabetic.

We both understood the huge amount of stress that Tanya-lee was under, being without her husband, trying to navigate constant travel restrictions and piles of paperwork.

We do what we do for the love of it and to ensure our clients travel experiences are better than good, they are exceptional.

We take immense pride in our hands-on approach and love building report with our clients and Tanya-lee was no exception.

Her case was a little more stressful than the usual holidaymaker’s and our first priority was to alleviate her worries and fears as much as possible.  As a mother who is concerned about her child being taken care of through the whole travel experience that’s more than understandable. It’s not easy to travel with a minor who has a unique set of challenges.

Travelling without both parents also presents the need to have all the correct documentation in place, not to mention all the accompanying paperwork and added measures when travelling during a pandemic. Of course, they had quite a lot of luggage that needed to be checked in as they packed their last belongings up from South Africa and we therefore, recommended airlines with large luggage allowance policies.

All these little things that need to be taken care of, can seem extremely overwhelming but as experts working for a world-renowned travel brand, we wanted to avail ourselves to our client 24/7!

No question went unanswered and we regularly kept our valued client informed on changes or anything she may have needed no matter what time of the day or night.

Having to go into 10 days of mandatory hotel quarantine once they reached the UK, is also daunting and we made every endeavour to guarantee a safe and hassle -free transition.

It makes sense to partner with experts when arranging your travel needs. You know that someone has your best interest at heart and you know that even whilst travelling you can rely on them if something should not go according to plan.

Travel planning does not have to be stressful if you have the right team behind you. We consider ourselves to be a dynamic duo who are passionate about people’s travel experiences.

We want to thank Tanya-lee for entrusting us with her and her daughter’s travel requirements and wish them everything of the best as they make beautiful family memories on their new adventures abroad.